Saving Our Seniors

T he Older Adults Targeted Capacity Expansion grant program provides mental health services, builds the infrastructure for additional services and supplies prevention measures for adults over 60 years old who are at high risk for or are experiencing mental health issues. This program at CRC, called Saving Our Seniors, provided at-risk senior citizens with individual and group therapy, health services, vocational rehabilitation and support and education to motivate healthy lifestyles and prevent destructive behavior.

The Older Adults Targeted Capacity Expansion was funded by the Center for Mental Health Services and The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Our senior citizens are the pillars in our communities because they’re filled with wisdom and valuable life skills which we can use to our benefit. It’s important to acknowledge our senior citizens and the contribution that they’re making to our society. We’re proud to be playing a leading role in implementing integrated services for the care, support and protection of older persons.

Services for our senior citizens

We want to ensure the wellbeing of everyone, and teach How to Keep Someone With Alzheimer’s Safe at Home As part of our commitment to best serve and protect our senior citizens, we offer the following key services:

1. Care and accommodation:

We offer home community-based care as a means of promoting good health and preventing sickness while providing the elderly with rehabilitative care as well.