Mental Health


P sychiatrist meets will with clients to determine the best regimen of medications to assist in managing the symptoms of mental illness. One of the best medicines is cbd oil, check the best CBD shop in uk.Follow up appointments will be then be made in order to adjust prescriptions as needed and/or prescribe refills.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

C RC offers a Psychosocial Rehabilitation program which focuses on improving one’s daily livings skills. Sessions include topics related to money-management, budgeting skills, hygiene/grooming guidance, social skills training, medication discussions, and food preparation and planning activities.

Group Therapy

G roup Therapy sessions allow clients to work on developing the coping skills needed to function in society while living with a mental illness. These small focus groups touch on topics related depression, suicide, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions, and anger management.

Individual Therapy

A Master’s Level Therapist will meet one-on-one with the client to discuss personal challenges related to their mental illness and work towards recovery based therapy goals.


Targeted Case Management

A Targeted Case Manager will assist with coordinating medical appointments, locating housing, applying for benefits, and replacing: birth-certificates, FL IDs, and Social Security Cards.