Health Services

M ental illness and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand, affecting every part of one’s life, including physical health, socialization, finances and housing. Many of these individuals are taken into the criminal justice system for minor offenses when they really should be admitted to Abbeycare Rehab Centres in programs that provide treatment and support to help restore their lives.

Behavioral Care is the core service at the Community Rehabilitation Center that treats biological and chemical disorders to stabilize one’s life. As more than half of those with mental illness also have at least one medical condition, the Community Rehabilitation Center also provides basic health care services to provide a holistic approach to body and mind healing through its Primary Care services. HIV/AIDS is also a problem among the mentally ill and is a growing trend among senior citizens. To combat this issue, the Community Rehabilitation Center provides management and preventative services in this area as well.

The Community Rehabilitation Center’s more than 60 compassionate professionals work in all these areas to offer hope where there was once none.

Takelia Bledsoe

CRC's uplifting environment helps Takelia accept her mental status and motivates her to work through the struggles. read more

In 2006, the Community Rehabilitation Center branched out into economic development. A thrift shop and a screen print shop provide safe work environments for consumers of the Community Rehabilitation Center or other local social service organizations to integrate back into daily employment.

The Community Rehabilitation Center has become an integral part of the Jacksonville and surrounding communities. Through collaborative efforts with local, state, and federal governments and the private sector, the Community Rehabilitation Center has established a host of partnerships that enhance the quality of life for people who have been impacted by chemical disorders, biological disorders and the economic downturn. The Community Rehabilitation Center will continue to focus on financial sustainability and creating job opportunities, but ultimately and most importantly, making lives whole.

The Community Rehabilitation Center is a member of the Florida Council for Community Health, Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition, National Association for the Mentally Ill, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, National Industries for the Severely Handicapped, and the Northeast Florida Safety Council.