Give Back / Donate

T here are several different ways you can support the Community Rehabilitation Center's activities and give back to your community. Consider the following:



If you would like to join the CRC team, you can call 904-358-1211 to find out how you can volunteer.


CRC could use tangible goods or services to continue or expand services to consumers. To donate either, contact Dawn Smith at 904-358-1211 Ext 135 or Email:, as CRC is a registered 501(c)3 organization, your donated tangible good or service is tax exempt. A statement detailing your giving will be mailed to you once the item is received or the service is rendered.

Contribute financially

Your financial support will help CRC continue to provide services to many people working hard to restore their lives. Please click on the Donate Button to donate. You will then be directed to a secure page to complete the transaction using a debit or credit card.